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514 Capital Partners, in Partnership with Amana Capital, is Looking for Great Traders to Manage

Ten Top Traders Will Each Receive
$100K to Manage & Keep 20% of Profits
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Giving Traders A Competitive Edge

The “Delta Trader” Program is the end-result of a partnership between 514 Capital Partners and Amana Capital. It aims to encourage traders around the world to showcase their trading capabilities, push their boundaries, and connect with industry leaders. At the end of each three-month cycle, 514 Capital Partners will allocate a total of $1,000,000 to 10 traders who have met the trading performance criteria. *Terms & Conditions Apply

How Does It Work?

Whether you’re an existing or new trader with Amana, a minimum balance of $1000 is all you need! Demonstrate a superior trading proficiency during a period of 3 months, receive a 100K trading capital to manage, and keep 20% of the profits.

The Program
Trade For
Three Months
Monitor Your
The Ranking Factors
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New Trader

Open a real account with Amana and fund it with a minimum of $1000. Once your account is approved, login to the “Delta Trader” dashboard through Amana's website by providing your Account Number & Investor Password. You'll be automatically redirected to your performance dashboard.

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Existing Trader

If you're an existing trader with Amana, enter your Account Number and Investor Password. You will be automatically redirected to your Performance Dashboard.

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Additional Account

In case you are an existing trader with Amana and prefer not to use your current trading account, you can simply request an additional account and start fresh.

Need further information about the Delta Trader Program? Read the Terms & Conditions.


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Why You Should Apply To The Program?
- 1 -
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Get the opportunity to trade $100K

- 2 -
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Get the opportunity to make profits trading investment capital from 514 Capital Partners

- 3 -
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Get noticed by prominent leaders and experts in the market